Monday, November 30, 2009

Inaugural Funny

And so, I've decided to blog.

There are just too many funnies that can no longer go unmentioned! Hopefully you will be entertained.

For my inaugural funny I have to post a story some of you may be familiar with - the infamous Elevator story...hope you enjoy!

I was juggling 2 bags, caffeine, and a large umbrella while fighting to free my security badge from my coat pocket in time to catch an elevator. As the elevator doors began to close, its occupant merely staring at my predicament, I had no choice but to toss up a leg in sacrifice, like a line dancer doing a can-can, in hopes the elevator gods would spare my limb and allow me safe passage!

Thankfully I made it, limbs attached. The elevator gods had seen fit to spare me...for a short time. A very short time..

Chapter 2 of the Elevator Saga: On my way back up from lunch - in a very crowded elevator - my purse rubbed against the wall and to my HORROR made the heartiest of all fart sounds, not once, but TWICE! When people actually started giving me concerned looks I HAD to explain it was the bag not me. LMFAO...but I don't think they believed me!